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Engaging Young Students with Robots

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This page is intended for use by educators and provides links to resources they can use for technology planning.


Overtime, additional resources may be added. 



Resources cited in article


Three Laws of Robots: Wikipedia article that explains Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robots and describes how they provided a framework for his Robot Stories.


Robots for Getting Started

  • Bee-Bot by Terrapin Software: Available from Terrapin Software, rechargeable Bee-Bots and Blue Bots are meant for use with young students. 
  • Dash by Wonder Workshop: This entry-level robot for young children is rechargeable and programmed using five different free apps. 
  • Programmable Robot Mouse by Learning Essentials: Programmable Robot Mouse requires three AAA batteries and can be programmed to go forward, backward, right, and left. 


Next Level Robots

  • Pro-Bot by Terrapin Software: Pro-Bot is the next level robot up from Bee-Bot and requires three AAA batteries to operate. Pro-Bot looks like a race car, but is actually a turtle robot with Logo as its built-in programming language. 
  • Dot by Wonder Workshop: Unlike Dash, the Dot robot is stationary. Rather than programming it to move through an obstacle course or similar activity, Dot can be programmed to function as a gadget (e.g., an alarm clock) or as a device for playing electronic games. 
  • WeDo 2.0 by LEGO ():  This LEGO kit can be used to take a different approach to teaching very young students skills in robotics and engineering.




Additional Resources

  1. Terrapin Resources—Customer Stories: Stories and activity ideas from classroom teachers who are using programmable devices with their students.
  2. Blockly for Dash & Dot—Lesson Ideas: Free eBook offers activity ideas for all ages in several content areas. 
  3. Early Childhood Robotics Network—Tufts University: Information about using WeDo LEGO kits with young children. 
  4. Getting Started with LEGO Robotics by Mark Gura: How to set up a classroom robot program.



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