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Becoming Discerning Consumers of Media

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This page is intended for use by educators and provides links to resources they can use for technology planning.


Overtime, additional resources may be added. 



Resources cited in article


  1. Pathways to news - Pew Research Center
  2. Stanford researchers find students have trouble judging the credibility of information online - Stanford Graduate School of Education 
  3. Fake News: Five French Election Stories Debunked - BBC News Services 
  4. Snopes - fact checker 
  5. FactCheck - fact checker 
  6. Politifact - fact checker 
  7. Spurious Correlations - Fun with data 
  8. Statistics How To -  examples of distorted charts and graphs
  9. How Headlines Change the Way We Think -  The New Yorker
  10. Fight Fake News - Chart showing reliability of various news sources 
  11. How to choose your news - TED-Ed video 



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