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Encouraging Students to Think

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This page is intended for use by educators and provides links to resources they can use to teach digital citizenship skills to their students.


Overtime, additional resources may be added. 



Resources for computational thinking 


  1. Computational thinking for all: Use this link to review ISTE's toolkit for computational thinking.
  2. Unplugged Activities: Offline activities for student grades K and higher to learn computational thinking skills.
  3. Google for Education: Exploring Computational Thinking: Free resources from Google, including video and lesson plans, designed to help studets learn computational thinking skills.
  4. Computer Science Unplugged: Offline computational thinking skills for students ages 5 to 12.
  5. CT Lessons and Projects: Cross curricular activities for middle and high school students that incorporate computational thinking skills.


Resources for design thinking


  1.  Talking Tech: The New 2016 ISTE Standards for Students: Innovative DesignerThis blog post by Ronen Cohen ties resources to Standard 4, Innovative Designers, ISTE Standards for Students.
  2. Beginner’s Guide to K-12 Design Thinking: This LiveBinder features a collection of resources related to design thinking.
  3. Design Thinking for Educators: A comprehensive guide for teachers who want to implement design thinking at the classroom or school site level.
  4. Design Thinking Resources: An extensive collection of videos and articles about design thinking.
  5. 6 design thinking projects that inspire students to dig deeper: Six design learning activities for students.




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