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Diagrams, Mind Mapping, & Timelines


This is a resource for teachers. Please check the sites carefully for suitability in your classroom before using with students.


Tools students can use individually and collaboratively to organize their thoughts for projects and writing.




Diagrams and Mind Mapping



Miguel Guhlin also compiled this list of online whiteboards.









  • Many Eyes: Use public data or upload your own to create a variety of visual representations of the information.
  • Google Public Data Explorer: Similar to Many Eyes, users are able to explore data visually.
  • Hohli: Create a variety of charts, including Venn Diagrams using your own data. 
  • Wordle: Sometime text says it all. Create your own word clouds using Wordle. 
  • Visual.ly: New visualization tool. Currently in beta. Visit the site to ask for an invitation to explore this tool.
  • Infogr.am: Create interactive charts and graphs. 
  • Easel.ly: Build your own infographics using pre-designed drag and drop elements.
  • 50 Tools for Creating Infographics : Blog post list from Best Design options.

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