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Other Resources

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Other Web 2.0 Resources


Feeling a little overwhelmed? Here's are a few resources that consolidate tools into more manageable lists.



1. Web 2.0 Search Engine: Know what you want to do, but not what tool to use? Try this handy search engine.



2. Web 2.0: Cool Tools for Schools: Another wiki that lists resources for educators.



3. Collection of Free Learning Tools: Compiled by Zaid Ali Alsagoff, a list of 50 tools for 50 tasks.



4. Top 100 Tools for Learning Spring 2008 (top100S08.pdf): Compiled by a group in the U.K.



5. 7 Frequently Asked Techie Questions: Nearly all the solutions include Web 2.0 tools!



6. Literacy with ICT - IMYM Tutorials Wiki


7. ICT Magic wiki


Hi Susan,


My name is John Evans and I am the administrator and technology resource person at St. Francois Xavier Community School located in St. Francois Xavier, Manitoba, Canada. I've taken the liberty to add a new page and included my wiki page that we are using in our school division for training teachers on ICT applications involving Web2.0 ideas. Feel free to use it or remove it as you wish from your resources.


I also am the administrator of the IMYM Tutorials blog where I post information for teachers about technology integration/infusion.


You can contact me at joevans@skyweb.ca.


I've enjoyed reading your blog comments via my Bloglines account for some time now. Keep up the good work.






Thanks for adding these resources, John! I love the way this medium allows people to connect and share ideas. Susan


8. Beloit Collge Mindset List Every year I check this list to remind myself how different the mindset of a recent high school graduate is from my own.


Hi Susan,


Thanks for a great ISTE/MICCA Leadership workshop this week. Here two sites I found that or just great fun for multimedia (photos)  SmileBox http://www.smilebox.com/ 

and Tag Galaxy http://taggalaxy.de/ Hope to see you soon.  Renee Russell-Henderson


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