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Search Engines

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Search Engines


This is a resource for teachers. Please check the sites carefully for suitability in your classroom before using with students.


New search engines with some amazing features!




  • Grokker Elise Mueller-Search results in outline or web form. The kids love it! Me too.
  • Clusty
  • Firefox
  • SearchMe- amazing visual search engine!
  • TouchGraph This search engine shows connections between websites using visual clustering.
  • KartOO Another search engine using visual clustering.
  • http://www.archive.org/index.php 
    • Search for Creative Commons content by media type, such as video, audio, text.
    • WaybachMachine - find a website from the past, even if it has vanished or been changed. You can retrieve sites years after they left the web. CAUTION: ALL KINDS of sites are saved, so do not share with students.
    • Education sites - Creative Commons lessons from major institutions, including PowerPoints, Flash, and Word doc versions. 
  • Library of Congress: Prints & Photographs Online Catalog Click on the blue box to enter the card catalog
  • SpinExpress Search for Creative Commons content by media type
  • SimpleSpark- Search for new Web 2.0 tools by category.
  • Spezify- Still in beta this is a clustering search engine that pulls results from a variety of social networking sites such as MySpace, Twitter, etc.

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