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Social Bookmarking


This is a resource for teachers. Please check the sites carefully for suitability in your classroom before using with students.



There's more than one website that allows for social bookmarking on the world wide web, but these are some of the best:


del.icio.us - one of the most popular. Its pages are rather simple, but that's why a lot of people like it. del.icio.us was purchased by Yahoo! a while back, but lately Yahoo! has been good at letting its subsidiaries keep going.


Click here to see an example of shared bookmarks using del.icio.us. This particular link leads to several Web 2.0 resources for educators.


Furl - Furl has all of the functionality of del.icio.us, but it trades away simplicity for extra features. The best of these features is the ability to have your links listed in MLA, APA, or any one of a number of other formats. This is great for writing research reports.


Diigo - Allows users to identify friends, establish groups, and highlight text on Web pages.




sqworl - Visually bookmark multiple URLs.



For a student take on del.icio.us - see stu.dicio.us which allows student to do everything from take and share notes to creating and sharing to-do lists. (Temporarily unavailable, but I'm leaving this link because the site's supposed to be coming back.)


Kwout- This service allows you to quote a part of a web page as an image with an image map.


Also visit Mashups & Filters (link in Sidebar).


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