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You need images and a little text

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Web 2.0 stories rely heavily on images and other media, less heavily on text.


Some tools support use of MP3 files, meaning you can record a script or use music. During this workshop, concentrate first on finding digital images and writing a short caption for each one you find (or take using your digital camera). Use the information provided here to locate images and write text for your story.


It is important to model ethical use of images and other media for your students. The links provided here give you access to Websites where you can find media that is either royalty free or in the public domain. Before you select an image, check to make sure it is available for public use. For example, Flickr includes images that are licensed under the Creative Commons, but not all images on Flickr are in the Creative Commons section, so double check before using an image you find there.


If you have a digital camera handy, and an idea that enables you to shoot photos wherever you happen to be, it may be easiest to take your own photos and upload them from your camera. However, if you need to search the Internet for images, use the resources linked below.


Royalty-Free and Public Domain Media


Note: These media sites should be used under close supervision. They are open to the public and may contain images inappropriate for classroom use. Instead of having students search on their own, teachers may want to screen the sites first and create a collection of media files for students to choose from.


Wikimedia Commons: Multiple types of media (images, video, and sound)








Free Images



It is unlikely that you will have time to review video and audio clips during this workshop. However, the following links are provided (just in case) and will be available for your use when you are back at school.




Open Video Project




Free Music Archive

Public Domain Music

The Free Sound Project















Cite your Work


Son of Citation Machine: Guidelines for MLA, APA, Turabian, and Chicago style citations for Internet resources.



Many Web 2.0 storytelling tools limit text to titles, captions, or cartoon-like balloons. Think in terms of just a few words per image, especially initially. Once you've selected a tool, you may be able to insert additional text. Before taking the next step, jot down a caption for each image you selected (add to your handout).

Now you are ready to select a tool. Click on this link to access the next page: You need one or more Web-based tools

If you want to review the previous step, click here: You Need an Idea

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