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Easy, Inexpensive Classroom Video Production Using the Flip Camcorder

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This page is a Webliography of resources mentioned in an article that appeared in Today's Catholic Teacher magazine. Overtime, additional resources may be added. If you know of a link that should appear here, request membership in this wiki workspace and add it!


Tech Trek Math/Science Camp: Sponsored by the California branch of the American Association of University Women, this program encourages girls’ interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) courses and careers.


Frameworks that Address Media Literacy


Framework for 21st Century Learning


ISTE's Educational Technology Standards for Students


Information about Flip Camcorders


Flip Video Store: Flip's official website


Digital Wish Program: Allows teachers to purchase two Ultra Flip camcorders for the price of one (limit of four camcorders per teacher).


Flip Resources


Flip Video Basics: Tutorials and teaching ideas. Be sure to look at the short list of good shooting techniques and the video that spotlights this topic. (Richland Parish Schools, LA)


Flipping Out Over the Flip: Tutorials, articles, video sites, and teaching ideas. The Tips and Tricks tutorial provides good information about shooting techniques and there are several videos that explain how to edit and make a movie. (Tangipahoa Parish Schools, LA) 


Flip "over" Video: Tutorials and teaching ideas. The editing guidelines link to this page are useful. (Jordan School District, UT)


Flipping out over the Flip?!: Flip basics and tutorials. The videos on how to edit clips and make a movie are helpful. (Michigan State University, MI)


EchucaELearning-Flip Cameras: Tips, tutorials, teaching ideas. (Echuca College, Victoria, AU)


Using Flip Cams to Post Middle and High School News Clips: Teaching idea (Vermilion Parish Schools, LA)


Video Production Resources


Digital Video Production: Extensive information and resources for helping students plan and execute production of a video. (Kent School District, WA)


Using Video Production to Improve Student Learning: Comprehensive list of resources for designing successful video production projects for the classroom. (Poway Unified School District, CA)





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