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Ten Web 20 Applications for Creative Educators

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This page is a Webliography of resources mentioned in an article that appeared in Today's Catholic Teacher magazine. Overtime, additional resources may be added. If you know of a link that should appear here, request membership in this wiki workspace and add it!



Productivity Tools


Wordle: Create your own word clouds.

Wordle - educational uses: Review this Live Binder to see ways educators are using Wordle in the classroom.


GoView: Record your own screencasts.


Chartle: Charts and graphs made easy.


Chartle - Information Technology at Purdue wiki: Learn more about how Chartle can be used for instruction.


Collaboration Tools


BusyLissy: Project management 


Wallwisher: Easy online brainstorming 


Edistorm: More sophisticated online brainstorming tool. 


Edistorm App: Download this app to use Edistorm on your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad.


Visual Ranking Tool: Use online workspaces to set priorities and rank order items on a list. This link also leads to sample activities and instructional atrategies. 


Other Interesting Tools


xtimeline: Use existing timelines or create your own. 


xtimeline - Information Technology at Purdue wiki: Learn more about how xtimeline can be used for instruction.


SafeShare.TV: Create safe links to YouTube videos.


LiveBinders: Collect, organize and share digital resources.


Online Art Games binder: For elementary students


Earth Science binder: For high school students


LiveBinders 4 Teachers: Additional samples of education binders


Ready to learn more? Visit the Sidebar links in this wiki or click on the link below.


Web 2.0 binders: Find even more Web 2.0 tools in these binders. 

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