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Is your Tablet Device Ready to Go Back to School

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Is your Tablet Device Ready to Go Back to School?


This page is a Webliography of resources mentioned in an article that appeared in Today's Catholic Teacher magazine. Overtime, additional resources may be added. If you know of a link that should appear here, email me at sjbrooks@aol.com.


Delete extraneous apps, photos, videos, and other files


1. How to delete an app from an iOS device.

2. How to delete an app from an Android OS device.


3. How to re-install apps on an iOS device.

4. How to re-install apps on an Android OS device.


5. How to sync photos/video between an iOS device and a computer.

6. How to sync photos and video between an Android OS device and a computer.


Get updated and organized


1. iOS: How to update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

2. How to Update an Android OS (although this talks about smartphones, the process is the same for tablets)

3. How to Update iPad Apps

4. How to Automatically Update the Android Applications

5. How to create and organize iOS folders

6. If you're using an Android tablet running OS 3 or earlier, you need to download an app like Folder Organizer (use the free version).

7. If your Android tablet is running OS 4, look at this article to learn about folders: Introducing Android 4.0.


Download apps that make the job easier


Apps that support assessment


1. Camera: Pre-installed on iOS and Android OS devices, free

2. iTalk Recorder: iOS app, Griffin Technology, free (premium version available)

3. Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder: Android OS app, Markus Drosser, free (premium version available)

4. TapForms HD: iOS app, ClickSpace Technologies LLC, $8.99 (Lite version available)

5. doForms: iOS and Android OS app, Mobile Data Technologies LLC (premium version available)

6. Gradebook Pro: iOS app Eric Lombardo, $9.99


App for planning


7. Planbook Touch: iOS app, Hellmansoft, $9.99


Apps for productivity


8. AudioNote – Notepad and Voice Recorder: iOS and Android OS app by Luminant Software LLC, $4.99 (Lite version available)

9. CloudOn: iOS and Android OS app by CloudOn, free

10. Zite: iOS and Android OS app by Zite.com


Today's Catholic Teacher article page

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